Beneath the Surface

artist: First Flame

title: Beneath the Surface

release date: 10 November 2023 ••• catalog number: GNGR130

available formats: LP / digital ••• released by: Geenger Records

tags: hardcore punk / metal

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First Flame is a five-piece hailing from Novi Sad, Serbia. Their music transcends genre boundaries, drawing inspiration from melodic hardcore punk, crust, and metal. The band's sound is a unique blend of creativity and passion, seamlessly merging various musical influences into something entirely fresh and original.

"Beneath The Surface" is their highly anticipated second album. It is a fusion of each member's diverse musical influences, creating a fresh and authentic sound. The lyrics delve into themes of inner growth, introspection, spiritual exploration, and the profound connection between individuals and the source of life.

Now, more than a decade since the last time they committed anything to tape, they are back with a new mic-dude, a new stick-man, and a new EP titled "Eight". The new recording finds the band revisiting its old stomping grounds only to wander off and push forward in new and unpredictable directions. It is the sound of a band aware of its past, but using it as a foundation on which to build further rather than simply recycling.

Lyrically, "Eight" is a soul-bearing exploration of the pain, grief, and fear of imminent separation. With the title referring to a band member's parent's 8-month-long battle with cancer, the songs on the recording dive into some of the most harrowing parts of the human experience and emerge with something that's not quite hope, yet so much more than despair.

"Eight" is a celebration of humanity and human fragility, of our ability to love, grieve, and carry on with the memory of what we left behind.

Album credits

This release was a labour of love, passion and perseverance. The music, recording and artwork were created by us with the help of our friends. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Reflections of Internal Rain are: Petar Žutić, Ivan Sabo, Nikola Crvenković, Nebojša Ćato and Ivan Gačević.

We would like to thank: Filip Vlatković, Igor Todorović Zgro, Pavel Rogala, Bojan Šovljanski, Danijel Sikora, Đorđe Miladinović, Zoran Džuklevski, Oskar Marko, Siniša Stojiljković, Marko Ercegović, Ozren Lazić, Dušan Mijolić, Željko Diklić, Anđelko Banić Đus, Milan Sinđelić, Dimitrije Čuturilo, Rebuild Collective, Omladinski centar CK13 - Crna kuća, Monohrom, Brutal Studio, Chemical Tomb and Uptown Recording Studio.

Special thanks goes to our longtime bandmates and friends Aleksandar Stojšić and Duško Bjeljac. Thank you for playing/living/growing with us for so long and for participating in writing Trail of Days, Ashes of Our Bodies and It's Not Time to Go, without you there would be no band and no music.

Mix & master: Filip Vlatković

Cover art: Ivan Sabo

Cover prepress & design: Dušan Mijolić

Vocal recording engineer: Anđelko Banić

Track list

1. Muscle Memory

2. Trail of Days

3. Ashes of Our Bodies

4. It's Not Time to Go

5. Overcoming the Silence

6. Barmy Army III