Old Mystic Lore

artist: Zimogroz

title: Old Mystic Lore

release date: 8 May 2020

catalog number: GNGR084

available formats: CD / digital

released by: Geenger Records

tags: black metal, death metal

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Zimogroz were founded at the very beginning of 2018, with the sole purpose to deliver a relentlessly sincere black metal sound. Being from Dubrovnik, the world-famous medieval Croatian town on the southern Adriatic Sea, the outfit's mission is to create music that incorporates aspects of their hometown’s history and culture. The name of the group also references their origins: A "zimogroz" is someone severely affected by cold and winter.

Their debut album "Old Mystic Lore" combines medieval thematics and a classic approach to black metal. Highly energetic sonic clusters enhanced by outstanding vocals lay evidence to the accomplished musicianship of the entire band. Black metal might be their primary weapon of choice, but these skillful practitioners of medieval lore have also incorporated a wide array of other subgenres into their sound, such as atmospheric, death, doom and power metal, all perfectly placed to transmit chosen sentiments and topics.

Track list:

01. Through the Gates of Time
02. Beneath Mount Hasan
03. The Blackening
04. ...and Darkness Followed
05. Undying Whispers
06. Storms of Adria
07. Keepers of the Ancient Secrets
08. We, the Winds of Winter
09. The Embrace
10. Reincarnation