Sun Worship Kingdom

GNGR082 - front cover

artist: Brainswitch

title: Sun Worship Kingdom

release date: 13 March 2020

catalog number: GNGR082

available formats: CD / digital

released by: Geenger Records

tags: post-metal, sludge, rock

FFO: Isis, Mastodon, Consecration



Brainswitch is a post-metal quintet from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their second album "Sun Worship Kingdom" is a concept album portraying a generation’s utopian experience in a dystopian environment.

Besides Brainswitch members, the album features several guests, including Mike Armine of the US post-metal band Rosetta who recorded vocals for "Sometimes Comes the Mother, Sometimes the Wolf". The album was mixed by Mario Quintero from New York's dream-sludge band Spotlights and mastered by James Plotkin. The band’s long-time friend and sound engineer Sead Zaklan was in charge of the recording and re-amping.


Adam Krešić - vocals
Goran Tiro - guitar / samples
Adnan Karadža - guitar
Višeslav Lučić – bass guitar
Zlatko Drljević - drums

Track list:

01. From the Sleep 03:56
02. Bow Down to the Sun 04:16
03. Sometimes Comes the Mother, Sometimes the Wolf 07:13
04. Ethereal 03:03
05. Deadrose Ritual 04:46
06. Breathe the Light 06:27
07. Psithurism Astronauts 04:34
08. Ephemerality 04:24
09. How to Create Universe 02:18
10. How to Destroy Universe 02:05